About Grid Fine Finishes

We turn ideas into works of art.

Launched in 2015, Grid Fine Finishes (GFF) has quickly grown to become one of the leading providers of contracting and finishes services in retail, offices, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and residential projects. Our services are further accentuated by our locally-produced line of furniture and lighting fixtures.“We are the contractors who take joy in executing the most sophisticated, complex designs with the highest precision and most efficient time frame.”

We Offer

The highest quality

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate with the clients and designers and overcome challenges to implement diverse and intricate designs without compromising functionality, international standards or materials. We are not after commercialized, off-the-rack services and value quality over quantity, which makes us selective in our projects to ensure punctual and reliable services.


Our lighting fixtures also provide a locally produced solution for our clients to answer the shortage of custom-made and imported lighting fixtures in the market. This means that we are able to execute various designs and ensure customizability and uniqueness. GFF’s team is also distinguished by our efficient and creative planning skills and bringing together a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals to ensure proficient delivery of every project.

The best craftsmanship.

We are experts in turning designs into realities the designer and our client can be proud of. This means that we have worked with a long list of the best designers in Egypt and the region and are able to recommend different designers base on our client’s vision and needs.


Transforming design dreams of commercial, retail and residential clients into realities that ensure our clients’ Confidence, Trust, Loyalty


Building the first Egyptian fine finishes and furnishing end-to-end platform that simplifies our client’s lives, transforming their business and home design dreams into realities.